ToucanDoo was founded by two mothers on the Gold Coast who wished to capture

children's artwork with yearning to preserve our children's artwork on a practical and

useful product that will last a lifetime. The children's drawings are captured onto 20cm

polymer child's dinner plate which is unbreakable, lightweight, scratch resistant and

dishwasher safe. These plates are BPA free and have a beautiful glossy finish.


Kids can design their own plates as a group activity, birthday party, individual order or use this

activity to raise funds for schools, kindies or groups.






Mylinda McClelland 


"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist once we grow up."

-Pablo Picasso


Mylinda is an award winning artist, signwriter, graphic artist and photographer.


All children enjoy drawing, painting and creating.  Encouraging their inner creativity helps with imagination, communication, problem solving and self expression. Having these plates with your childs special art will bring back childhood memories for many years to come and make great personal gifts :) 


Art is a fundamental component of what makes us uniquely human.




This is our ToucanDoo logo.
This is a photo of Marian Tillett's photo for the website.

Marian Tillett

"Art is as natural as Sunshine and as vital as Nourishment."

-MaryAnn F. Kohl


Marian has worked in the Childcare Industry for the past 6 years and has loved every moment of it. After seeing what ToucanDoo has to offer, she's decided to take a new approach to working with children and has chosen to see through the eyes of a child with their imagination & creativity to produce a marvellous creation. She is so excited to be working for ToucanDoo knowing that what we produce are worth priceless memories.


Our plates are 20cm in diameter and made of BPA free Polymer.

Plates are safe to eat off, Dishwasher safe and unbreakable. The image is made into the plate so it won't peel or scratch off and they also have an ultra glossy finish. 

These plates are safe to be used for everyday food service although we do not recommend putting them in a microwave.


The polymer compounds used comply with FDA and ROHS regulations; the product itself is also environmentally friendly :)





They say a picture says a thousand words. When a child creates a piece of art, 

all we may see is squiggly lines or blobs of colour, but you ask your child what

they have drawn and they can go on and on with the stories that were running

through their little minds. These memories are very important part of 

growing up and as they grow, so will their imaginations. 


 Another important milestone in your child's growth is their handwriting.  

We encourage the children to write their name, date or the meaning 

behind their masterpiece.