Fundraising has never been so easy...


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This is the great new, easy, fun way to help your school, kindy or club raise money through your

children's natural creative instincts.  The children's artwork and pictures will create a keepsake on our forever plates, coasters, fridge magnets or keyrings.


Our plates are 20cm in diameter which is the perfect size children's dinner plate. They are unbreakable, Dishwasher safe, BPA free so safe to eat off and the image is made into the plate so won't chip or fade.

These plates make a great keepsake and fabulous gift.

Turnaround time between 5-20 business days (times vary depending on demand)

When using this activity as a fundraiser, you can set the amount you wish to raise per item sold

Minimum quantity order of 10 plates to qualify for fundraising. Once you send back all of your completed artwork, please post all samples and spare templates back too. Thank you :)

The number One fundraiser that is fun, easy and collectable          


Select how much you would like to raise per item sold.

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It's amazing how quickly our children grow up.  One day they are in primary school and the next they are driving you around.  We need to cherish our children's youth.  ToucanDoo are offering the best way to preserve the memories.  We can keep our children's drawings on paper, but over the years they deteriorate.

Preserve those precious memories forever.


Below is a short video outlining how it works...



NOTE:  All plates must be paid for prior to or on the day of the activity.  Parents may choose to pay via Pay Pal,  direct deposit, Credit Card or cash on the order form.  


*Original artworks are not able to be returned.


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