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What size are the plates?
Our plates are 20cm in diameter. We find this is the perfect size for a child's dinner plate and not too large if you wish to put it on display.
What is the turnaround time to make the plates?
The time varies between 5-20 business days. This depends on the quantity ordered and the time of year (Christmas, Mother's Day, and Father's Day are in high demand).
Individual orders generally take up to 5 days. Group bookings and bulk orders take up to 20 days.
What are the plates made from?
The plates are made from polymer plastic, they are BPA Free Non-Toxic and completely food safe. You can even use them in the dishwasher.
(These are NOT melamine)
Who pays for postage?
If you use our template we will post this to you free of charge, however, you will pay for the postage of the artwork back to us if you mail it (you can opt to scan it instead).
The postage you are charged when ordering is for the product to be sent back to you.

Are there limitations as to what I can do?

Your only limitation is your Imagination : )

However, there are a few things we recommend as Dos and Donts they are:



IMPORTANT: Please note that due to the process of sublimation printing, colours can change and there will be variations from original artworks. Our graphic designers aim to get you the best colours they can, sometimes this involves brightening colours (if supplied artworks are too light), sometimes the process of scanning can dull colours a little. Please note that products with photos we often need to lighten the photo as they tend to print darker.

How do I add a photo to an art plate?
Adding a photo is easy! And, it’s easy because we do this for you at ToucanDoo headquarters. You can either upload the photos as part of the ordering process or email us the photo, making sure it is a good quality image and if scanned, the resolution is set to high or 300dpi (dots per inch).

Make sure you mention the child's name and the order number and any special instructions. If this is part of a group/kindy activity please make sure you let just know the kindies name as well as the child’s name

NOTE: Photos tend to print darker, so our graphic designers work their magic to try and lighten the images. In some cases, we may have to ask you to supply another image if we think that we would not be able to do the photo justice.

Do I have to print photos and glue to the artwork?
No - All you have to do is email or upload the photo to us and if you would like the photo to be in a certain area, simply write a note on the artwork/envelope or let us know via email
If you would like a photo to look a certain way on the artwork you can print it up and glue to the artwork, but still, email us the original digital file.

How do I upload or send a photo?
You can either email the photo to us or upload the photo as part of the ordering process.
What fonts can I use if I choose a themed plate?
You can choose any of the fonts in our font library and this features as a dropdown menu when ordering the themed plate.
Or you can go to and select any fonts you like.
Or you can leave up to us and let our graphic designers choose for you.

Once I have placed an order can I add more to my order?
Yes you can add to your order, simply email us at
And we can add items to your order, then we can send you a separate invoice for the additional items.
Where can I download templates?
Go to our Downloads links and choose the template you want to use
Can I use artwork I have already created that is not on a template?
Yes this is not a problem, If you upload or email a high quality scan to us, we can get our graphic designers to set it up on a template to fit into the template of the product you want (please note this does mean that there will be cropping of the image depending on what the product is).
What if I have more questions?
If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to either email us at or call on 0488 868 226. We are always here to help :)
Can the artwork be done at home or in-class time?
This is completely up to the organiser, we tend to find if they are done in the classroom as part of an activity then we are more guaranteed to have a smoother process in terms of ensuring all artwork is done, rather than having to chase parents to get kids to do from home and then to return the artwork files back to the kindy. So we recommend doing the artwork in-class time and then send home for parents to decide if they wish to purchase.

Children can design their plates at home if you wish.
What is the turnaround time for a group booking?
The turnaround time for production for Group Bookings is up to 20 business days from receipt of artworks and payment. Our peak season is October/November, so book we do recommend booking in early, so we can schedule you in.

Postage also can take up to 2 weeks, (we have found since the pandemic postage takes much longer).

Once you book we can prepare a timeline, so you can plan when to do the activity and get payments made by your parents.

Is there a minimum or maximum quantity of plates ordered?
To be eligible for a group booking there is a minimum of 10 plates or 10 children participating.
Who pays for the plates?
It's up to you how you run the activity. Some kindies/schools have the parents pay for their own plates while others will purchase as a gift for families. 
Can families order multiple of the same design?
Families can order multiple of the same design if they wish, they just need to write how many on the art template. They can even have the same art design and just change the wording or photo on each plate.
Can families order different designs for the same child?
Families can order many different art designs for the same child if they wish.
Again this is how the kindy wants to organise if they want to offer this or to just keep one design per child.
Can families use one payment  and order form to order plates for siblings?
Yes. You can use one single payment for all siblings. And add to the order form, you must write in the Parents notes section who siblings are.
Are the payment envelopes used for fundraising?
Payment envelopes are only used when not fundraising as the prices are printed onto each envelope and can't be changed.

So if you are fundraising we will email a payment slip/order form that has been edited to suit your activity.
You can choose which products you wish to offer your families.
How much do you wish to raise per item sold?
How do you wish to have your parents pay?
You then simply print the payment slips/order form and hand them out with the art templates or you can email your families the payment slip and they print it if they wish to order.
Can we add our own fundraising amount per item sold?
Yes, you select how much you would like to raise per item sold. Simply let us know what you would raise per item and we will add that price on top of the initial cost.

For example:
Activity only
Art plates are sold to parents at $20each
Keyrings are sold to parents at $10each

Art Plate - Plate $20 + Fundraising $5 = Sold to parents $25each
Keyring - Keyring $10 + Fundraising $3 = Sold to parents $13each

We will tally the orders at the end of your activity and will transfer your fundraising into your allocated bank account.

Can children who don't attend the class do an art plate?
Yes. Anyone outside of your group can design their own art plate.
Or if you prefer you can direct them to our website and they can order through here by going to our Shop.
Can logos be added to the plates?
We can definitely add logos and wording (schools/clubs etc), so you would supply us the logo (we require a high-resolution logo) and we would add it to the artwork once we receive them.

A good way to do this if you want the logo in the same position every time is for me to create a template with an outline showing where the logo will be positioned, this way, kids will know not to put any important artwork where this will go.
Or we add the logo wherever our graphic designers think it will work.
Does ToucanDoo offer support documents to help communicate with parents?
Yes we do, we have a selection of forms and support documents as well as letters to parents etc, you will find these in our downloads section CLICK HERE
When is peak season?
Peak Season is in Term 4, so we would really need to pre-book the activity in Term 3, then we can schedule and sort out a timeline so that you can get your plates back in time to distribute to the kids before the term ends.

We really need to be producing them at the latest 7th November, can be later depending on state you are from.

Let’s talk as I have a timeline template.
What if I have more questions?
If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to either email us at or call on 0488 868 226. We are always here to help :)
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