This is a photo with the ToucanDoo template

If your local kindy or school would like to participate in making your own plates, just get a representative to request sample pack                    




or call 0488 TOUCAN

0488 868 226


You can choose to have the parents purchase the plates for the set price of $20 per plate, or use these plates as a fundraising activity.  We offer a special price to assist with your fundraising.


Contact us to find out more about our special fundraising rates.


The choice is yours 


This is a Sports Club photo

Sports clubs may choose to have a group photo or individual action photo's made into a plate. Club logo's and wording can also be included in your plate design.


Child is creating a handprint painting

If you have found us and you don't have the opportunity to make your own plate through a kindy, school or group. Contact us yourself and do your own plate at home.  These plates make great gifts for special occasions.




Child is making a painting for her plate.

Stuck for birthday party ideas?  

Why not have a ToucanDoo art plate party.  It's very easy and the children get to design their very own plate.


We have two different packages to suit your budget.


The children can draw, paint, or do a collage on the day of the party.  


It's that easy...